In 1788, the pioneer Masons who settled in Lexington, being far removed from any established lodge, decided to establish a Masonic Lodge of their own; distances and dangers of travel preventing their attendance at the Virginia lodges.

After several months of planning, they petitioned the Grand Lodge of Virginia for a charter to establish a lodge in Lexington.  Accordingly, the Grand Lodge of Virginia granted the requested charter to the small group noted as, “at the town of Lexington, district of Kentucke.” The Charter was issued on November 17th, 1788, to “Richard Clough Anderson, John Fowler, Green Clay and others to hold regular lodge of Freemasons at the town of Lexington, by the name, title and description of the Lexington Lodge No. 25 of Virginia.”  Thus the first lodge west of the Allegheny and Cumberland Plataea mountain range was established in Lexington, four years before Kentucky was admitted into the Union as a state.  In 1800 the Grand Lodge of Kentucky was formed  in Lexington and we became Lexington Lodge No.1; Along with Paris Lodge No.2, Georgetown Lodge No.3, Hiram Lodge No.4 and Solomon Lodge No.5 the foundation of Freemasonry in Kentucky.  

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